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Our Story

The transition from being a child to an independent and self-reliant adult is one of the most dynamic, formative and influential periods of human development. The changes that occur from childhood to adulthood although a unique and empowering experience, is often accompanied by many physical, social, emotional and psychological changes, which can cause confusion and bring about a turbulent period for some.

The Mind Clan is a Melbourne-based clinic offering psychology and counselling services for young adults aged between 18 and 35 years. Our team understand the specific challenges unique to this age group and therefore we have ensured that our psychologists and counsellors have specific experience and training in working with young adults. We work especially hard to tailor our therapies to ensure young adults feel comfortable, supported, and safe to explore their deepest fears and concerns. On top of this, our team value the importance of creativity, fun and laughter in therapy. We hope to make your experience with us, one that is safe, engaging and positive.

Our Space

The Mind Clan HQ is located in Hawthorn, Victoria. 

Our Hawthorn centre is also home to 'Flow: Mental Health Gym' offering creative and expressive therapies including art therapy, music therapy, yoga and meditation, and a range of mental wellness workshops.

Meet Our Team

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Chanelle Adam

Director/Clinical Psychologist

What are your qualifications?

BAppSc (Psychology) (Honours); Master of Clinical Psychology

My special interests are:

Trauma, anxiety, attachment, relationship/family difficulties and the role of nutrition in mental health.

Therapies I often use:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, ACT, Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy, EMDR, attachment, and body-based (somatic) Interventions

Words to describe my therapeutic style:

Collaborative, warm, laid-back, eclectic

In my spare time I enjoy:

All things music, food, photography, travelling off the beaten track, exploring cultures, and a cosy night in with the pup, Rhubarb!




Kate Jacklin

Mental Health Practitioner/Counsellor

What are your qualifications?

BAppSc (Psychology); Master of Counselling

My special interests are:

trauma, psychosis/hearing voices, youth, relationships, self-esteem/self awareness, anxiety.

Therapies I often use:

Person-centered counseling, ACT, art/creative therapy, play therapy, psychodynamic


Words to describe my therapeutic style:

Holistic, person centered, empathetic


In my spare time I enjoy:

Spending time with friends and family, being cosy with a good book, being in nature, swimming in the ocean


Alannah Garcia

Client Administration

When first making contact with The Mind Clan via phone or email, you will often be greeted by our friendly admin, Alannah.  Alannah is responsible for the day to day running of the practice and plays an essential role in ensuring your appointment bookings are as simple, straightforward and comfortable as possible. You may from time to time see her roaming around the practice, if you do, feel free to say hi as she is always down for a quick chat!


Rhubarb (aka Rhu)

Therapy Dog

[In Training]

Meet The Mind Clan's therapy dog "in training". You may see Rhubarb running up and down the hallway of our Hawthorn Centre looking for cuddles and pats. When she is not busy begging for food, Rhubarb loves belly rubs, playing fetch and napping on everyones lap. She is gentle, calm (on most days) and very affectionate.

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